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About FirstBible School of Translation

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FirstBible School of Translation is a three-year graduate program dedicated to thoroughly equipping men and women for cross-cultural Bible translation ministry.

FirstBible School of Translation offers a 94-hour Master of Arts degree in Linguistics, Exegesis, and Translation Management. This degree equips men and women with the necessary tools for effective Bible translation through graduate-level classes in Biblical languages, linguistics, translation philosophy and praxis, and cross-cultural studies.

Men and women who successfully complete this program will have proven competency in Biblical languages and will have obtained understanding of the Biblical cultures; they will hold a firm grasp on faithful Bible translation philosophies and practices; and they will be equipped to perform linguistic and cultural analysis as well as language documentation to the extent that is necessary for the success of the Bible translation project.

Master of Arts in
Linguistics, Exegesis, and Translation Management

Credits by Discipline




Bible Translation


Bible & Biblical Languages


Intercultural Studies

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Our core value is found in a single word:


to the Trinity

Equipping men and women who honor God by possessing an intimate relationship with His Son through the enabling of the Holy Spirit.

to the Text

Training men and women to produce trustworthy translations of God’s Word from the Biblical-language texts.

to the Target Culture

Sending out gospel-centric men and women  prepared to partner with first-language speakers to produce faithful translations.

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